Book clubs are discussion groups that set the tone for fostering and nurturing the love of books and reading. I’ve had the extreme pleasure to meet a group of wonderful ladies who have welcomed me into their circle. I remember meeting SistaGirl Book Club member’s, Kenyatta and Hessie at a book event I was attending in Newport News. When they approached me they were so friendly, warm, and very interested in getting to know me. Not too long ago after that event, Kenyatta reached out to me and the rest was history. I didn’t know what to expect at my first book club meeting with the members of SistaGirl Book Club.The meeting turned out to be a wonderful experience filled with laughter, good food, and real life topics that went deeper than my books. (Let me not forget to mention they loved my books). I’ve also had an opportunity to meet with Xpress Yo’self Book Club, another wonderful group of ladies who definitely has a passion for reading and know how to have a good time. Throughout my literary journey, I wouldn’t trade those moments for the world because it gave me the opportunity to discuss my books, enjoy my craft, and have fun with other avid readers which was a reward in itself.

It would be an honor to meet with other book clubs. I would be happy to send a free copy of my novel to your club for consideration. If your club seeks interest in my novel, please do not hesitate to contact me for orders at: I hope when making the choice for your next book of the month, your book club keep me in mind.